Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Tribute Too Much?

Oh dear.  Jeffrey Campbell has created a shoe aptly named Tribute in honor of McQueen and his Armadillo shoe. I really would like to say something positive but I just don't know what.  I think this was a mistake purely because it just isn't possible to improve on perfection.  In fairness to LF a portion of the sales will go to a charity in honor of the late designer but still I'm not sold and I'm sad about that as I really do like JC.

I don't know why but the clunkiness makes me automatically think of an orthopedic shoe? Does anybody want these? If you do they will be available at Jeffrey Campbell's sister brand LF in July.

OMG, for any of you British folk that ever watched the TV show 'Alan Partridge' writing this post just reminded me of the quote, "'I stand corrected', said the man in the orthopedic shoes".  Hahahahaha, just me? OK fine, you have to watch it to understand why it's funny.

Credit: LF

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