Wednesday, June 9, 2010


* grumpsville looks a lot like the above image of my very unamused cat after she jumped into a box with high sides and forgot to plan an escape route

This morning I shared an elevator at work with a girl who was wearing Alexander Wang Freja Booties with neon hot pink polish. She looked awesome, had it not been so early in the day I would have told her so, but I'm well aware that my social skills rarely kick in before 11am and I'm pretty much living in grumpsville* until then.  Anyway, two cups of coffee later and my daily hunt for shoes well underway I stumbled across these Dolce Vita wedges named Pela. The color immediately took me back to my morning rendezvous and I knew I had to share. If I owned these shoes I'm pretty sure they would bring me joy, even at 8.30am. I mean that color, how could then not? Oh and they are a very reasonable $165 too, see I'm smiling already!

Credit: Edge of Urge

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